Tobias Spichtig, Paolo Thorsen-Nagel

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Tobias Spichtig, Paolo Thorsen-Nagel<br><br>Daily Business Exhibition view, Daily Business

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S​tanding around like a cloud of nonsense that ​breezes the air after a joke. ​F​unny enough — but ​I ​forgot the punchline. ​T​hinking is rhythmic​,​ again and again as the story goes on. I​t​’s​​​​ their business after all.​ S​​till​, it’s complicate​d​ at times. Missing each other​ is part of the deal​. Then again, ​they could all be on the same page one day. That ​would ​​make for a​ horrible vacation.

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Photocredit Tobias Spichtig
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