Blerta Hashani, Arbnor Karaliti, Brilant Milazimi,
Dardan Murseli, Valdrin Thaqi, Ermir Zhinipotoku

Nothing like home


Blerta Hashani, Arbnor Karaliti, Brilant Milazimi,<br>Dardan Murseli, Valdrin Thaqi, Ermir Zhinipotoku<br><br>Nothing like home
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Titled after Brilant Milazimi’s painting, the group-exhibition "Nothing like home" gathers six positions from the youngest generation of Kosovar artists who are associated with the “Hap” collective by either being part of it or by being close collaborators.∗
Milazimi’s painting "Nothing like home" is as a parable of the political and social landscape in Kosovo. The artist uses the metaphor of lurking crocodiles, for they do not actively hunt for food, but rather lazily lie in wait for their prey, anticipating for it to make a mistake. This metaphor alludes to the bodies in power, who do not actively create but passively wait for someone else to make a mistake, which is in turn is exploited for destroying the latter. The butterflies and the rabbit in the scene spark notions of hope and freedom but simultaneously one is aware that they will be snatched by the crocodiles any second.
Within this exhibition some -also unintentional- metaphors exist: be it the human-like stuffed headless filled stockings moving to the rhythm of a windscreen wiper by Dardan Murseli; Valdrin Thaqi’s robotic hand counting the Tespih’s beads; the automated non-sense writing by Blerta Hashani; Arbnor Karaliti’s birds from his childhood-series; Ermir Zhinipotoku’s silhouette like cats; or Brilant Milazimi’s stray-dogs, crocodiles or flowers.

∗ Brilant Milazimi, Dardan Murseli, Valdrin Thaqi, Ermir Zhinipotoku are the co-founders of the “Hap”-collective, that was established by the four friends during their studies in 2018. “Hap” translates into “to step”, “to open” and “pills” at the same time and was intended as a tool to react to events in Kosovo, be it through exhibitions or happenings.