Heinz Frank

SITZ DOCH SEELE (Sit down soul)

designed in 1990
Wood (Silkscreen printing plate)
36 × 25.5 × 59 cm
Open edition

EX LIBRIS Chapter II Heinz Frank

SITZ DOCH SEELE (Sit down soul) is this an invitation of a restless spirit to finally rest? Does it express the desire to let go of thoughts and give the soul space to rest? Or is it an invitation to linger and give the object the “Beseeltheit” (soulfulness) that we know from Heinz Frank’s works? Does the seat of the soul no longer have to be sought, but simply be made available? The furniture object originally from 1990 is now being re-issued in an open edition and offers its viewers and users three different heights and therefore three different functions: stool, table, stairs.Consequently, each side has a handle hole in the middle that allows the object to be easily moved into the desired position. Only at second glance you discover the small drawer underneath the seat or table surface - a “secret compartment”.

Heinz Frank<br><br>SITZ DOCH SEELE (Sit down soul)
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