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Gallery exhibitions
No more, not yet, 2024
à contretemps, 2023
Condo Sao Paulo, hosted by Projeto Venus, 2023
don’t tell me where this is going, i loooo-ooooo-ooove surpris-es, 2021
let's never be like that, 2020
Condo New York, hosted by Metro Pictures, 2018
A Festival of Consent, 2018
Pissed Walking, 2017

Nora Turato (*1991, Zagreb, lives and works in Amsterdam) practice is exploring the volatility of language. In her work she translates information absorbed from her daily intake of articles, conversations, subtitles and advertising slogans into linguistic-visual scripts for videos, installations, artist books, murals and spoken word performances. All that surrounds her finds its way back into her work. In this manner she is democratic; political statements merge with Kardashians quotes in equal measure, revealing subtle synchronisms in social relations, marketing strategies, consumer behavior and their own subjectivity. In addition to the bold typography that characterizes her style, Turato’s own handwriting often appears in sprawling script across her work, alluding to a sentimental attachment to the artist’s notebook or the private moments of rehearsal before a performance. Moreover, it immortalizes a means of communication which threatens to dissipate with the ubiquity of digital correspondence. Turato channels the textual hysteria emitted from our smartphones to accentuate the volatility of language when taken out of context. Her work speaks to an age in which language is disconnected from its informative function and words are abstracted from meaning.

"A Model"
Mudam Luxembourg, The Contemporary Art Museum of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Fondation Lafayette Anticipations, Paris

"it’s not true!!! stop lying!"
Sprüth Magers, Los Angeles


Art Institute Chicago, Chicago
April 13th, 2024

frieze, September 2023
Pablo Larios, Nora Turato’s Emotional Outsourcing

FAZ, September 2022
Laura Wurth, Die nicht gefallen will

Artforum, March 2022

CAD, July 2021
Nora Turato, don’t tell me where this is going,
i loooo-ooooo-ooove surprise-es

Artnet, June 2021
Can Ebony L. Haynes’s New David Zwirner Offshoot Actually Make the Art World Slow Down?

ArtReview, September 2020
Pádraic E. Moore, Nora Turato let’s never be like that

Flash Art, Winter 2020
Adam Jasper, How to become a medium: Seismic transmission
with Nora Turato

Kaleidoscope Media, Issue SS20
Ana Janevski, Interview: Talking to Myself

Flash Art, Winter 2019-2020
Pedro Alfacinha, Nora Turato Serralves Museum Porto

Artforum, Summer 2019
Adam Jasper, Nora Turato: ‘explained away’

Mousse Magazine, April 2019
Giovanna Manzotti, Powerful Narratives in a
Semantic Space: Nora Turato

Sleek Mag, March 2019
Kathryn O'regan, Nora Turato on using her voice
to challenge the patriarchal silencing of women

zerodeux, Winter 2018-2019
Raphaël Brunel, Nora Turato

Artnet, November 2018
Kate Brown, Hysteria Is Still Taboo

Frieze, June 2018
Hettie Judah, Nora Turato’s Spoken-Word Screen Language