Brilant Milazimi



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Gallery exhibitions
Fremdkörper, 2024
One ball for all, 2023
Nothing like home II, 2022
Let's see, 2022
Nothing like home, 2021
Woke, 2019

Brilant Milazimi’s (*1994, Gjilan, lives and works in Prishtina) translates his perception of the world that surrounds him into images that are bitter, funny, tender, and weird all at the same time. Driven by the machinery of the unconscious, and inspired by the imaginaries of fictional universes, he finds expressions both sinister and poetical for an approach to the society he lives in: the exaggerated physiognomies and the highlighted symbolism of the teeth or the features of the animals are visual manifestations that point to the present and its conflicts.

Art Explora Residency, Paris 2024